Improving vineyards

From 1886 to 1928 the real estate belongs to the Gerbaud family. They build the veranda on the south side of the castle and expand the winery. On 30 December 1928 Andre d'Andoque of Seriege (an old Bitteroise family) buys the castle and the area of Blomac, which then stays within the family for more than 80 years. From 1928-1933 he replants the vineyards and plants 200 extra acres, so that the harvest of 1935 is from 400 acres of vineyards. He also modernizes the wine cellar (chai), which still functions. As a result of the French laws of succession and distribution of the estate the extend is reduced from 395 acres to 247  acres of vines. In 1980 new races are introduced and the family specializes in the export of wines.