Construction in 1789

On 17 November 1786 the history of the present chateau starts with Jean- Baptiste Rolland Trassanel. This family of tradesmen (cloth and carpets) from Carcasson bought half the land and sovereignty of Blomac. At that time they bought the castle and land, scattered around the castle (a little over 250 acres.) The then castle was situated on the spot where now the chai (winery) can be found. During the succeeding 80 years Jean Baptiste Rolland (and his offspring) expands the dominion and invests tremendously in vineyards. It is JP who starts the construction of the present castle. After the restoration in 1816 he was appointed mayor of Blomac and on 7 March he was given the title of count of Blomac by Louis XVIII. In 1820 he received the right to water from the canal ( via the Ecluse or sluice de Fonfile) from Mr. le Comte Hulot d'Osery . Administrateur general des caneaux du Midi .