Scutcheon de Blomac

The coat of arms of Blomac contains elements of the successive lords of Blomac. The main sign is that of a golden tower. Is was taken from Nigri family, that holds 4 golden towers. The swan is symbol of the powerful Comignan family from omigne (a village near Blomac). The Star was taken from the coat of arms of the Rolland family. This family bought half the land and the sovereignty of Blomac on 17 November 1786. This family starts the construction of the present castle. .
The golden waves of the coat of arms reminds us of the presence of the Aude river and the 3 sandstones symbolise the patron saint of the village of St Stephanus.
Lastly the ornaments of the vine and the olive tree indicate that they have been playing a main part in the life of the village.