Roman origin

As early as in the year 120 BC the name of the present Blomac can be found in documents about Narbonne. Blomac goes back as far as Merovingian times, but most likely it origines in Roman times. Taking the development of the word Blomac into consideration: From Villa Bulmado (10th century) to Blumatum (12th century). Then Blomatum in the 15th- and Blomat in the 16th century. From the 18th century onwards the village is called Blomac.
The old castle of Blomac (10th - to 17th century) was almost situated against the church, where nowadays the chai and winery can be found. The castle was owned by the powerful abbots of the abbey of Lagrasse. The abbots were the lords of Blomac. In 1635 the castle was taken over by the Comignan family.